Nov 3, 2010

November journaling

November is Art Everyday Month and there is also NaNoJouMo. Seems quite appropriate that on Monday I chose to finish some art journal pages. I also did some free motion stitching but I'll share that another day.
 Actually the first page is from about a month ago but it shows some really easy ways I sometimes use to just do some quick creating
pinks to warm a chilly
The next two pages were started earlier but just completed.
dream hope inspire left

dream hope inspire right 
 concentrate on healing "banish all distractions"
What I especially want to say with these pages is that art journaling can be VERY SIMPLE. Much of these pages was about tearing out pictures or papers and gluing them down. If you add a few words, some colour with an ink pad or watercolour pencil scribbles, moistened and rubbed around - you can get a message across. NOTHING says it has to be fancy and all perfect like. My friend Courtney is working on a project with a paper bag glue book for journaling - I say "Why NOT? If you are having difficulty beginning or putting something down on a page - why not start with an old magazine and some glue? Please just TRY.

Today's links:
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Courtney's paperbag glue book

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