Nov 22, 2010

such a simple page

Even though it is art everyday month I find difficulty sometimes squeezing in very much art. I DO try to squueze something in each day though, and not just in this November month. I also like to have a number of background pages prepared in advance so I can just add a few words, add a simple sketch and voila - art created.

Autumn in Saskatchewan

Each of the pages below was created on an initial background of one layer of yellow acrylic paint. I had done MANY of these pages in one of my very original journal books in which I am still creating. Sometimes many layers are added. Sometimes it's just one simple sketch and a few words.

~ sunlight ~
looking calm
giraffe ~ self
flower blossoming
dreaming for spring on buffet
birds journal page

What are YOU doing for art everyday month?

Nov 19, 2010

art journal pages ~ about faces and shading

I find myself getting easily bored, at times. Other times, well, there are too many challenges. But around art journaling and art, I sometimes go quite to the extremes, especially with my faces, especially the colours and sometimes the number of eyes, and that sort of thing. I decided I needed to get more realistic. So with a bit of guidance around shading, and also some practice, I think I am getting pretty good at it. I did the first two pages last Friday as we were driving to our farm. 
This was done with pencil and then a blending stump and charcoal pencil. Words were added with my fave black pen. The second was done with exactly the same materials but on a page which had previously been coloured with acrylic paint and words already added.

This last one ~ the words explain it. I was in a hurry. The page did not even have a coat of gesso. There had been some rubbings done - possibly with Crayola crayons. I drew the face. I then added some colour, I believe mainly with Caran d'Ache Watersoluble Crayons. The page was done on thin vintage school notebook paper. I was concerned it would make holes in the page when I added water to blend the colours. I was lucky. I tried to be a bit careful. Our daughter's page ~ I do not think she made the nose purple. I believe she was teasing me. Maybe some day I will have the opportunity to show you.

Guidance around using the blending stump for shading ~ that came from Pam Carriker. I first saw her advice about blending in the Winter 2009 issue of Art Journaling. I caught some more journaling advice in the Autumn 2010 Somerset Workshop. I know Pam also has an article in the more recent Art Journaling publication. There is an excellent video Pam has done about faces at YouTube from which I learned more, but I also used a couple of recent pages Pam shared at her blog for guidance around faces and shading. Thanks Pam.

My advice ~ give it a try ~ making faces ~ be they purple or green or a more natural skin tone. Try some shading too. It can be a lot of fun. And maybe it will keep you from getting bored.

Nov 5, 2010


waiting ~ to fly

A couple of new journal pages from the past days. Very simple pages. I used crayola wax crayons for the young lady on the left. Have you pulled out your crayons lately?

Crayola wax crayons
Sharpie MeanStreak

Nov 3, 2010

November journaling

November is Art Everyday Month and there is also NaNoJouMo. Seems quite appropriate that on Monday I chose to finish some art journal pages. I also did some free motion stitching but I'll share that another day.
 Actually the first page is from about a month ago but it shows some really easy ways I sometimes use to just do some quick creating
pinks to warm a chilly
The next two pages were started earlier but just completed.
dream hope inspire left

dream hope inspire right 
 concentrate on healing "banish all distractions"
What I especially want to say with these pages is that art journaling can be VERY SIMPLE. Much of these pages was about tearing out pictures or papers and gluing them down. If you add a few words, some colour with an ink pad or watercolour pencil scribbles, moistened and rubbed around - you can get a message across. NOTHING says it has to be fancy and all perfect like. My friend Courtney is working on a project with a paper bag glue book for journaling - I say "Why NOT? If you are having difficulty beginning or putting something down on a page - why not start with an old magazine and some glue? Please just TRY.

Today's links:
Derwent watercolour pencils
Art Everyday Month
Courtney's paperbag glue book

Oct 29, 2010

so much to say

I will be doing a post over at winnsangels which will speak more directly to what this journal page is about. In this place, I want to share that I have been adding many fabulous links to this site so it can be a place for you to be reminded of all the inspiration available online and within printed magazines and books. I am quite certain I have left out important sites and publications. But this is definitely a start.

For this journal page, I chose a background I had done a long time ago (cannot remember exactly). I added to it. The page was done in my large Hilroy Studio scrapbook which  had received some water damage while sitting on the floor in our basement during a humid summer. I think it is perfect for art journaling. The water stain adds character.

The next step was the addition of three old small book pages glued down. Looks like I drew some flowers with a white gel pen. The next part I am not certain about. The background colour was done either with watercolour pencils followed by water or watersoluble crayons followed by water. Yesterday I added the black script going vertically (where I discuss this concern of having so much to say). Then I drew the young woman first with pencil, followed by added colour with the watersoluble crayons and water. The white parts of her eyes were dabbed with a tiny drop of white gesso on a stick pin (handiest thing available). I also put a bit of red ink on a stamp with script on it and stamped randomly on top right corner and bottom left corner. I have been using technique of applying ink to only part of stamp, which I learned somewhere along the way from one of my fave artists, Pam Carriker. I used a couple of other stamps with the same red ink. They may not be visible in this part of the page. Whoops.

watersoluble crayons
Pam Carriker
Hilroy studio scrapbook
Derwent graphic sketching pencils
Inkadinkado stamps 
Dawn Houser "Letter" stamp is one of my all time fave script stamps though not the one I actually used on this page
Copic markers
I believe copic markers are "the best" for using on top of background done with watersoluble crayons.