Oct 6, 2010

one good place to begin with words

I was very fortunate to attend a mini workshop a few days ago with Ray McGinnis as the presenter. Besides being presented with some lovely poetry suggestions, we had writing time and sharing time.

This page includes one of the writings I penned that evening and decided to share.

Much of what Ray speaks to is the writing in the psalms. They provide many examples of ways to journal. For this particular assignment we were asked to record 5 to 10 questions important to us. Then we were to choose one of the questions and write about answers. Typically in the psalms, more questions followed, together with answers. Usually some positive resolution was found.

Some of us are very much into writing, into journaling. Others of us struggle with words to put to the page. For the next week I would like to challenge us to write in response to an important question, of our own determining. If you want to do it in a journal that is fine. If you want to just write on a piece of paper that is also fine. The idea will be to save the writings, every project that you do, so they might eventually be incorporated into an art journal. Perhaps you will choose to some day totally cover, in paint or some other fashion, the words you have written. That is totally acceptable. If you choose to write on a lined notebook page you might like to first apply a layer of gesso to strengthen the page. If you want to write first, and then gesso, that is also appropriate.If you want to do lots of art around right now, that is entirely your choice.

I would like if you share with us your writings. If you are not comfortable sharing the entire piece, then just give us the question, or whet our appetites witha portion. Either leave a link to a blog post or flickr entry here or share a picture or the link at my Facebook group called Winn and friends. If neither of those options works write a note in the comments.

I look forward to your sharings, and to your thoughts.

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