Sep 30, 2010


or that which may help you to get away from your computer (as if anything I say could help to make a difference I know the magical secret). Remeber, this is called tips and tuts - not the answers to every mystery of life.

Some days, many days, my to-do list seems very long. I never seem to get to art. I get tired. I feel frustrated. I know I should do art. I start to feel guilty about not doing art. Suddenly a few minutes open up before me. While I know it would be terrific to paint, I also know I do not have the time to set up for that. I do not have the time for clean up afterwards. Maybe my creative work space is filled with other projects and supplies.
Should I just sit there and mope? Should I cruise around on facebook or twitter? Should I see who I might add to my facebook friends or twitter friends? Maybe I could play a game or two or five or whatever it takes of solitaire? After all, I need to exercise my brain so I might not develop dementia, as many I know.

You know the answers to those questions as I do. The thing is - can I actually follow through on doing the better choice?

The possibility of journaling would be a fabulous choice. Though what if I am too brain tired to even do that? Unfortunately, I find it happens often. So if journaling gets counted out and painting gets counted out - what might I do?

If I want to stay sitting by my computer, probably not the best idea, but, there are a few places I like to visit if I need to be inspired. I find it best to just watch something, like a video. It is best if I try not to have to get involved with comments or questions that need to be typed. Of course there is you tube - I find most of Suzi Blu's videos to be inspiring, also the videos of willowing and Milliande. For me the viewing of fave flickr slideshows can be inspirational as well.

When I am able to talk myself away from the computer, I sometimes find my spirits lifted if I choose one specific stash - fabric or beads or charms - to look through. Sometimes I am inspired. Even if I do not have time to actually start a project, I can be reminded of the splendidness of previous choices and items available.

There are also a couple of creative ventures I have recently found to require very little thought and concentration. The end results can be quite beautiful. One is to crochet with some lovely coloured crochet cotton. I can only do chains, so far, but they take very little thought. The other thing I really enjoy is making long strands of beads. The closures can be a bit more challenging. Provided you have a safe place to keep a strand - leave it to finish for another day.

I need to get away from my puter now so I will wish us all well in finding inspiration even when there is very little energy.

A few links for today:
Suzi Blu early days
Suzi Blu more inspiration

Flickr slideshow of suesviews

Angels be with you.

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