May 2, 2010

try to create everyday

If you want to start being more of an artist or even just being more creative you will want to choose to try to create every day. You might just want to do a little doodle on a scrap of paper or even the corner of a phone book page or newspaper. Or maybe you want to splash some gesso on a canvas or watercolour page. You could even buy a whack of card stock and apply gesso on a few of those pages. From there you can spread a bit, or apply lightly perhaps I should say, some acrylic paint of your fave colour. I sometimes like to add just a bit of another complimentary colour and blend lightly with a plastic recycled spoon or stir stick, a palette knife if you have. Apply with a sponge brush,

or a paint brush if you must. My choice for quick, large scale applications is a foam brush. Alisa Burke likes using a wall painting brush, particularly an old one if you have. They are really good for large surfaces. She uses latex wall paint too. I haven't done that much. One time when I was painting the floor in one of my studio spaces, I did this FREQUENT trick of putting out far too much paint. I'd mixed some acrylics with it to vary the colour. So "hey - why don't I just grab a foamy brush and put it on some watercolour book pages."


~wistful ~ wandering ~ wishing~

Most importantly ~ have fun.


  1. Thanks for starting this Wendy, I will bookmark it!

  2. Thanks Skye. Like I said - send any questions my way.

  3. Just stopping by to say "HI". :) I'm off to add this to my google reader.

  4. Hi Sheryl. Hoping to have Thursday eve get-together later May. I'll let you know

  5. This is great, Wendy! Excellent idea about the excess wall paint. I always put out too much, too and there's so much that gets wasted - even just the excess on the roller would be useable! I wish I had thought of that the last time I painted!


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