May 7, 2010


Why would I mention clips? I do not really have a great need for that ever popular duct tape. OK, stop the booing. Instead I tend to like to have clips available.
Bull dog clips are not a must have, but I think are very handy to have around. I thought about them because they are handy especially for holding open altered book pages for creating.

They are also great for attaching mini lights to a shelf. Aprons can be hung handily on them.

Smaller decorative clips are great for adding interest to altered pages. Certainly they are necessary for marking places that you want to save in a book or calendar to be easily found or reminded of.

These days one can find such an array of clips. I chose swirly, circular ones for these inspiration board words and pictures:

you can draw


Back to duct tape – I do not really care for it myself, but it CAN be useful for a unique touch to a book binding that is falling apart or for use in decorating an altered book page with a suitable feel. I know there are numerous colours available. I know that you will be able to find exactly the right choice to suit your artistic needs.

I also show a UHU glue stick in the first photo. The reason I wanted to include it - the UHU glue stick is great for gluing pages of the book you are altering together so the number of pages is not intimidating. You can decide about the number of pages considering what you want to use the book for specifically. If you want a particular theme you may not want as many pages. Perhaps you want to use it for a notebook, a list book, a journal, or for doing specific techniques. Perhaps you want it to be multi-purpose for whatever you may need at the moment. These are some things to think about for the number of pages in your book.

Clips and a UHU glue stick – important items for you to keep on hand.


  1. Great tip. I love clips they are so shiny:) But duct tape is my weakness, I have a whole drawer full. :)

  2. I am NOT surprised Sheryl. It totally fits your style. As it does two other young ladies I know. Something about the plasticness of tape - I grew up in a home where plastic (tablecloths, polyester fabric, and packaged foods - cheese slices & frozen dinners) was something so loved. I have turned very much to natural and "green" that it's just not my first choice.
    Can't remember if I'd told you about the young lady in our neighbourhood that made her grad dress entirely from duct tape? It was fabulous.
    Enjoy your duct tape. I will be posting more about tape in future.


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